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Light is essential to all life on earth. There are various physiological and psychological reasons why exposure to light is desirable and necessary. There’s a staggering amount of scientific evidence showing people actually require light exposure to function effectively.
Light exposure causes the brain to suppress the release of the hormone melatonin that acts as a depressant in the body and exposure to light produces various health benefits, such as the production of Vitamin D3 which aids in the prevention of bone diseases and also improvements symptoms of psoriasis.People who are exposed to longer hours of bright light feel happier and are able to enjoy life. Potential health benefits include but are not limited to:

Production of Vitamin D
Decreased risks of breast and colon cancer
Reduced risk of sunburn

The psychological benefits of tanning are also well researched. Sunlight deprivation has been linked to some mental disorders. There are numerous reasons, physical and psychological, why exposure to ultraviolet light is desirable.
People know that a great tan looks good, feels good, and can add to personal confidence and attractiveness.

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